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june 13th PICK UP

     What a year 2020 has been so far. Our communities are facing so much heart break, struggles and hard ships. We need simple gestures of kindness now more than ever. For the past year A Simple Gesture has aimed to do just that, help our friends who need it the most with the simple act of kindness of filling a green bag. 

We were so dissapointed to have to cancel our first birthday celebration. So many organizations, businesses and community members have been such an integral part of our sucess over the past year, we were so excited to celebrate with them. Neverthless, the show must go on and we were getting prepared for our next pick up in June.



 Things were a little different, but the excitment remained the same. Instead of having one big pick up, we split the pick up into two different weekends. From June 4th to June 6th a team of volunteer drivers set out to pick up from organizations around the community. Everyone has been hit hard by this pandemic, we did not expect much. We were blown away by all the organizations that were able to give, especially Watauga Medical Center. If anyone is being hit the hardest in all of this, it is those guys. They have continously showed up for our mission, even more so during a pandemic. We are so thankful for Robin Fox and her team for being able to give so many green bags during this time. Her car was completely full as well as a full cart! Our virtual store has allowed for businesses or churches to direct their members to give virtually. This has helped tremendously as many of our donors are scared to go out. Thank you to all who gave both with a bag or virtually!

     For our Residential Pick Up we went ahead with the regularly scheduled June 13th pick up. However, this go around we did not have food sorters in the building on the day of the pick up. Instead we had a small team who greeted the drivers, helped them to unload their cars, weighed the bags and then took them to a seperate location. It was a GORGEOUS day. If I could capitalize gorgeous more than it was I would. There was not a cloud in sight but there were plenty of green bags. Our volunteer drivers showed up one after the other with their trunks full. It was so good to see so many familiar faces. A table with drinks and treats were also there to greet the drivers, the team even had a few cookies themselves. All the drivers were so radiant dropping of all of their bags, you could tell they were really excited to get back in the swing of things, we were too!


     Things can only go up from here. Hunger and Health Coalition has taken hit after hit with cancelled fundraisers, new operations and client intake increasing daily. A Simple Gesture is vital now more than ever. Every pound of food donated means one person, one family has one less thing to worry about. We cannot wait to hopefully, fingers crossed, be in the FULL swing of things for our August 15th pick up. Until then, stay simply y'all!


                                                                                                                                     ASG Team

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