Many of you are aware of the ongoing crisis that is unfolding not just across the world but right here in our own community. A Simple Gesture's priority is the health and well being of not just our clients, but our volunteers. The April 4th pick up and first birthday party is postponed until further notice. We want to ensure that we are taking every precaution necessary to help lessen the spread of the virus. 

   Over the past year A Simple Gesture has always been a safety net for the Hunger and Health Coalition. We are in desperate need of simple, helpful gestures more than ever. 
     If there were ever a time to give, the time is now.

With schools closing and some ordered to stay home, our supplies is quickly dwindling. A Simple Gesture has always been a way for compassionate locals to give back to their community. Even today, you still can. Here are a few simple ways to help our most vulnerable. 

Donate: In lieu of not being able to donate an ASG bag on April 4th and the understandment that some are scared to leave their homes, a simple way to give back would be to donate.  You can donate by sending a check to, PO Box 1837, Boone, NC 28607, donating online by clicking the button below or by calling our office at 828.262.1628.

For every $1 that is donated we are able to purchase $5 worth of food.
Even if it is just $1, it would make all the difference. 

Emergency ASG Bag Pick Up: Was your ASG bag already ready for the April 4th pick up? Wow, you could not have come at a better time. As mentioned, we understand your hesistance to come out of your home during the next few weeks, we are happy to set up a pick up time to grab your bag. Our hope is to set up an efficient system with multiple bags being able to be picked up on the same day. We will remain in constant contact with you on when your bag will be picked up. Please contact Jenn Bass at asimplehhc@gmail.com if your bag is ready or if you would like to donate a bag of food to the Hunger and Health Coalition. 

Volunteer: If you are able to spend a few hours with Hunger and Health Coalition in the next few weeks, we urge you to do so. Those who are able and healthy, please reach out to Terri Niederhammer at volunteeringhhc@gmail.com and we will work diligently to set you up for a time slot. 

     Above all we ask that you follow closely the guidelines the CDC has recommended for the time being. There are more ways than one to offer a simple gesture of kindness during this time, we are thankful for each and every one.


                                                                                    A Simple Gesture Team

A desperate TIME FOR SIMPLE Gestures

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A Simple Gesture - High Country depends on volunteers for nearly everything we do.  If you are interested in helping with anything from driving, sorting food, office work, recruiting new donors, fundraising or anything in between, let us know!


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A Simple Gesture – High Country is extremely lucky to have our wonderful faith partners!

Want to get your church involved?  All we ask churches to do is tell your congregations about us, and have them sign up!  We provide all the tools you need for bulletins, newsletters, and social media! It’s that easy!

We even have a flyer and a church toolkit to help you get started!

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Whether you have three employees or 3,000 our Corporate Kindness Program can help employees give back to their communities. A Simple Gesture makes it easy.

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High Country students love to help their neighbors!

Want to get your school involved?  All we ask schools to do is tell your teachers, students, and families about us, and have them sign up! 

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