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Every day we turn on the news to the inevitable. The reports the same, day in and day out. Cases rising. Unemployment benefits running out. Eviction rates are sky high. Folks can't pay their utilities. Lines at the food bank are growing longer. 

Will there ever be an end in sight? 

Most think that with the start of 2021 comes a breath of fresh air. A new beginning. This will all be over and we can finally put 2020 behind us. 

UPDATE: It won't

Our fight is not over, until you begin to fight with us. No vaccine. No New Year. No magical being in a lamp that will grant you three wishes can take away the months of heartache and pain our community has been faced with. 

Only you can.

What do you mean me? Only I can change the hearts of this community? The months of suffering? Help people to pay their bills, keep a roof over their head? 

Yes, you.

You probably think I am crazy, sitting behind a computer spitting out ideas that one person can change a community. You might be right on the crazy part, but it isn't you that can change an entire community. It's your actions. 

Your gestures, simple at that. 

The small, simple gesture of filling a green bag with non perishable items every two months won't put an end to months of immeasurable heartbreak. But you just put food on the table for the Love family. Sam, a father of two lost his job six months ago. He is struggling to keep the roof over his kids head. The last thing he needs to worry about is how he will put food on the table. Thanks to you, he doesn't have to. 

Every time you drop off your bag, you might think it makes no difference. Not to Little family. The mother was diagnosed with cancer two months ago, while the father works two jobs to help pay the bills. Every morning they wake up, not sure if the kids will be able to have breakfast or not. Thanks to you, they have breakfast for the next two weeks. 

You probably think one small drop in the ocean, will not make waves. But if you, and the person beside you, and then the person beside them and so on, thought differently the wave would be comparable to 20,000 pounds of food rolling into the Hunger and Health Coalition. Enough food to last on our shelves for months. 

This year can be different, but only if you allow it. 

Nothing will change, unless we do. Not in our world, not in our nation, not in our community. This new year, be the change you wish to see and help feed the families who need it most. One bag, every two months. Help change the lives, one small green bag at a time. 


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