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October 10th pick up


       We are always so excited to see familiar faces here at A Simple Gesture. We love how passionate our sorters and volunteers are, they show up time and time again. But every now and then we get some bright new faces, this go around they were probably some of the youngest faces we have seen at ASG. Some teammates from High Country United Soccer U12 Girls Team joined our efforts in fighting food insecurity. In a time where so many are struggling, it brought the staff so much joy to see such young ladies being the first ones to jump up and help. You could tell they were so excited to begin sorting the thousands of pounds of food. As they began to sort, they thought it would be a good idea to write messages of encouragement, we couldn't have agreed more. They quickly began writing on items bright messages such as "Have a great day". We are sure so many of our clients will smile due to their small acts of kindness. By the end of the day and after all the girls had sorted the food, they wanted to do more! I am sure we will see them again for our next pick up in December. 

        The weather may have been a little dreary, but that never stops our volunteer drivers from trekking out and grabbing all of the beautiful green bags. The leaves are just starting to change here in the High Country giving our drivers some beautiful views as they drive around. This time each driver had a personal letter with them. Our hope is to make the December pick up our biggest one yet. Each donor was given a letter asking if they had any friends, family, colleagues or any kind of connections that may want to sign up with A Simple Gesture. One green bag at a time can change this small mountain community. In order to get another bag though, we need another sign up. If you or anyone you may know seems like a good fit for A Simple Gesture we encourage you to sign up. 

          The holidays are a typically a time for giving, but this is not a typical time. A Simple Gesture is the best way to not only stay safe but stay involved with your community at the most cost efficient measure. Filling up A Simple Gesture to the brim can cost less than $10. This pandemic does not seem to backing down, but neither is A Simple Gesture. We will continue to help feed all who come to the Hunger and Health Coalition regardless of their means.


This holiday season we hope you can join our fight. 

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