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August 15th Pick up

we got our groove back!

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       We finally got back in the swing of some things and wow, did it feel so good. We have missed seeing the faces of volunteers come into the building on pick up days and help to sort. Due to COVID-19 and extra precaution for our volunteers as well as staff, we allowed very limited sorting volunteers into the building. Just because we had limited numbers however didn't mean the shelves did not fill up fast! We went to work quickly to sort the thousands of pounds our wonderful community brought in. Pasta, macaroni, peanut butter and jelly as well as thousands of cans of vegetables were some hot items this go around. Our clients are sure to love the wide variety of healhy options. 

     Our drivers have seemed more eager than ever to head out on the streets to retrieve bags from their routes. This pick up we had quite a few new drivers. We recently met Beth, who is a faculty member at App withthe Interdisciplinary Studies Deptartment. Beth got involved with A Simple Gesture because she was looking for a way to help with food distribution during the pandemic while maintaining social distancing. Driving for ASG pick ups is a perfect fit admits Beth but she thinks her job is the "easy part".  "The generous folks who donate food to help out the community are the real heroes!" Beth told us.  Watauga County makes Beth proud in a variety of ways but she blieves the community strives to take care of all of its members especially during challenging times like the one we are currently facing.  "There are so many wonderful non-profits and caring people in our community and I want to support the ongoing efforts" exclaimed Beth. Beth is just one of many who spend their Saturday's with us driving around the mountain to help feed our neighbors in need. We are so thankful for each and every one of them!

    Business Pick Ups went exceptionally well as they seemed to be getting back in the groove of things as well. Samaritan's Purse was able to give for our pick up and stuffed our car so full, the back end of the bumper almost touched the ground. They brought in half a ton of food, alone! We are always looking for new businesses to be apart of our mission, if you know of anyone or any organization please let us know!

     We only have two more pick ups for the entire year and by the end of it all we hope to be in the complete swing of things. We are continously seeking to sign up new businesses, churches and individuals. This pandemic is raging on, if you are able to be apart of our mission, the time is now. We have exciting things in store for our next pick up in October so stay tuned! 

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